In the Biz Interview With Cat Petro, Bartender at Poor House in Fort Lauderdale

For as long as we can recall, Charlie has been maneuvering past the throngs of slickly dressed Himmarshee clubgoers to our favorite spot near the end of the street, the Poor House. Here, we can show up in our beat-up Tool T-shirt and well-worn Chuck Taylors to unpretentiously gulp down delicious craft brews and listen to live blues bands.
Like clockwork, it's 10 on a Friday night, and bartender Cat Petro is here to greet us with a smile. Forget about how much work sucked; forget about how terrible it was battling downtown traffic for an overpriced parking spot. Our lovely Cat is going to help us wash our troubles away with frosty beverages.

Poor House is noisy on a Friday night, so we passed notes across the bar with Cat, asking her ten questions about slinging drinks and some of her favorites.

Clean Plate Charlie: What drink is the biggest pain in the ass to make?

Cat Petro: Irish Car Bomb. You're wasting perfectly good Jameson, Guinness, and Baileys!

What drink do you serve most frequently?

We know Poor House history. What's your worst story about the notoriously grimy bathrooms from back in the pre-renovation era?

I've used all of my powers to forget such things!

What is your favorite thing about tending bar?
The hours. This schedule lets me have days to myself. Meeting cool people is also a perk.

Least favorite thing about tending bar?
My biggest pet peeve is when people order their mixer before their liquor. It's not cranberry vodka, asshole! It's a vodka cran!

Being next to a music venue that hosts national acts, you probably meet a lot of rock stars. What is your favorite story?
I have lots... but my favorite was meeting Ween! I sat in with the band and had an awesome time.

We've overheard a few declarations of love and marriage proposals tossed your way over the years. How many are you up to?
Not enough! Ha!

Who's your favorite local band?
I miss Hashbrown the most. Right now, my favorite is Juke.

What is your favorite drink to partake in?
Love my vodka.

Have you ever created a drink?
Little-known fact: Liquid Cocaine! Only I called it the most disgusting drink I could think of. The backstory: I was tending bar when Goldschlager first arrived on the market and just threw a few things together. Who would've thought it'd become a popular shot that customers would order on purpose?

Bonus Round:

Coke or Pepsi? Coke
Jack or Captain? Jack
Ketel or Goose? Ketel
On the rocks or straight up? Cold, like my heart!

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Erin Hilburn