In The Biz - Interview with Playwright Irish Pub's Kelley Saul

Playwright Irish Pub in The Village at Gulfstream Park is the sister-pub to iconic Playwright in South Beach.  Both pubs offer over a dozen beers on tap (including Guinness, of course), but only Playwright at Gulfstream offers live horse racing action right outside the window. 

Bartender Kelley Saul has been with Playwright since just after their opening last year. We caught up with her just before the Friday Happy Hour rush.

Clean Plate Charlie: How long have you been with Playwright?

Kelley Saul:  It's going to be a year on February 19th.  I love working here.  I used to work at Clevelander in South Beach.

Do you like horse racing?  Do you bet on the ponies? 

I like looking at the horses. I bet according to the horses's name or the color of their socks or the jockey's silks.  I suck.  I lost $2 the first time I bet.  I like my money too much.

What's the most popular drink you serve?

The Irish Car Bomb.  All the draft is popular, especially Guiness, but if you're talking shots, it's gotta be the Irish car Bomb.

What's your favorite item on the menu?

The fish & chips. I had it for dinner yesterday.

What do you drink?

I like a pint of Guiness with a shot of Jameson on the side. Sort of a deconstructed Car Bomb. It's my "iron for the day".

Can you tell us how to make an Irish car Bomb?


Kelley's Irish Car Bomb

1/2 oz. Bailey's

1/2 oz. Jameson Irish Whisky

1/2 Half Pint Guiness

Pour the Bailey's and Jameson in a shot glass.

Drop the shot glass into the glass of Guiness and drink it before it curdles!


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