In The Biz - Interview with Wet Willie's Bartender Markell Junaitis

With over a dozen locations in beach and party towns throughout America, Wet Willie's is a drinking institution.  The mere sight of Wet Willie's rows of alcoholic slushie machines screams "party till you puke".  Since we love to get our drink on, we caught up with one of the bartenders at Wet Willie's Seminole Paradise, Markell Junaitis. 

Clean Plate Charlie: How long have you been at Wet Willie's?

Markell Junaitis: I've been here about 8 months. The place is so fun and energetic, it's almost not a job!

How many different flavors of drinks do you have here?

We have 19 different flavors of drinks, ranging from the Weak Willie, which is non-alcoholic to the Call a Cab, which is the strongest. 

Which is the most popular drink?

The Call a Cab. It tastes like cherries, but it's really powerful. It contains 153 or 190 proof grain alcohol. It's pretty deceptive when you drink it.

Sounds like it. Seminole Paradise is a pretty happening place - how busy do you get?

This place is crazy fun. I couldn't even say which night is best because something new happens every night.  You just have to see for yourself.  When it's really lively, the bartenders will get up and dance on the bar - it's fun.

Wet Willie's is next door to The Improv. Have you met any comics or celebrities?

We meet the comics all the time.  The last comic I met was Ralphie May - he's headlining this week. He's really awesome and funny!


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