Meet you at the RAB.
Meet you at the RAB.

In the Biz: Three ITB Deals in Hollywood

You've shaken a million cocktails, served a thousand chicken wings, and walked the equivalent of a full marathon -- and that was just one Saturday shift! Now it's your turn to down a few with your friends. The best perk of working "in the biz" are ITB deals and discounts. Here are a few places that appreciate your hard work and reward you with deals and perks:

Shenanigans, 3303 Sheridan St., Hollywood 33021; 954-981-9702.

Its location just west of I-95 and Sheridan Street makes it easy to hop off the highway on your way home for a bite and a brew. Sunday is "In the Biz" night, with $2 domestic pints, $5 domestic pitchers, $4 imported pints, $7 imported pitchers, $5 1800 margaritas, and $3 olive vodka drinks. If you're hungry, take 20 percent off all food, excluding specials.

Goal Line Sports Bar, 6969 Taft St., Hollywood 33024; 954-399-8156.

Cable out at home? Spend the entire day watching NFL Sunday Ticket, or hustle your friends at a friendly game of pool or darts.  ITB discount of 15 percent off your entire check (except specials) always.

Coyote's Bar, 1921 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood 33020; 954-620-7046.

This is the place when you want to get your drink on. No food, only booze (though the Mexican takeout next door delivers tacos). Sundays and Mondays, take a whopping 50 percent off your check for ITB. The ITB discount is 20 percent Tuesday through Saturday.

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