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Indulge in Grille 401's Holiday-Inspired "Naughty Elf" Cocktail

It's hard to be an elf. All that time cooped up in the North Pole, slaving away in Santa's sweat work shop, and then to have that jolly old man get all the credit!

It's a hard-knock life for an elf.

Once the toy-making has come to an end on Christmas eve and ol' Saint Nick has taken Rudolph and the bunch on his rounds, some of the naughtier elves go on a much-needed bender. Sure, they'll end up getting coal for Christmas but they all agree it was worth it.

This is what they're drinking, and that is why its called the Naughty Elf.

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Grille 401's bar manager, Brittany Chapman, designed and named the drink. It's one part of RumChata (a cream and Caribbean rum liqueur), two parts Smirnoff cinnamon sugar vodka. A chocolate syrup is drizzled on the bottom of the chilled martini class and even more is coated on the outside of the rim. Graham cracker crumbs are sprinkled on the top like salt on a martini.

"It's been a big hit, everyone is really enjoying it!" general manager Callum Molloy exclaims. It's the first holiday season under the new management team and everyone wanted to create a holiday-inspired cocktail, Molloy says. It's not on the menu, but bartenders and servers will be mentioning it.

And if you come during happy hour, 4 to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, you can get two naughty elves for the price of one!

Naughty Elf will be offered until the end of year. Grille 401 is located at 401 East Las Olas Boulevard in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-767-0222 or visit

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