Insane Cookies Offers Irish Creme Dream Cookie Shots for St. Patrick's Day

If you're planning a St. Patrick's Day party you're going to need to have shots. And by shots, we mean cookie shots from

Insane Cookies


This Pembroke-Pines-based cookie company is making special Irish Cream Dream cookie shots for the holiday, made from red velvet cookie dough that's dipped into Irish cream syrup (non-alcoholic) and topped with butter cream icing and green sugar sprinkles.

Insane Cookies CEO Brandy Cohen explains that these shots are not cupcakes, they're shot-shaped cookies. "We bake our red velvet cookie dough into metal shot glasses. The cookies are baked taller and thicker, but they still have the chewiness and consistency of cookies. Then, while they're still warm, we place them into plastic shot glasses and add icing because what's not good about icing?"

The cookie shots are $28.95 a dozen and can be made gluten-free for an additional $2 (for the whole dozen). If you're not into Irish Creme, or want to sub out, say, chocolate cookie batter for the red velvet -- no problem! Since all the cookie shots are made to order, you can choose from over 20 different gourmet cookie flavors and make your own dream creation for St. Patrick's Day or any day.

In addition, Insane Cookies offers cookies in "insane" flavors like Mommy Issues (chocolate chip), Insomniac (espresso), Peter Pan Complex (rainbow sprinkles and M&M's), and others at $14.99 per dozen.

All cookies and cookie shots can be shipped nationwide, or picked up locally at Master Cake Bakery in Pembroke Pines. Cohen also adds that since Master Cake Bakery is closed on Saturdays, she can also arrange delivery if a weekend cookie crisis occurs. "I've delivered cookies to people, met them on street corners. I know that people need their cookies."

Orders should be placed a few days in advance online at or by calling Insane Cookies "counselor" at 954-800-0350.

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