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Inside the Smart for Life Baking Facility

​​Ever wonder what it smells like standing outside of a diet-food-product facility? Right, neither did I. Until I was invited to take a tour of one. I figured it would probably smell a lot like plastic with a bit of money scent and a whiff of sadness.

Ah, but once I arrived, Smart for Life threw my cute little description down the drain.

The scent wafting from the company's facility in Wellington smells like cookies and heaven. Granted, there's a reason it smells this good. This building is where employees design, bake, package, and distribute their diet "cookies" and other diet products.

The cookies specifically are 60 percent organic and contain a high protein level yet low carbohydrate levels. 

Some people confuse the Smart for Life diet brand with the Original Cookie Diet, which is understandable, since Smart for Life's founder, Dr. Sasson Moulavi, once partnered with Dr. Sanford Siegal. However, the two are no longer associated with each other. Moulavi says his cookies contain much better ingredients like flaxseed, Herofiber, and Lepticor, which all help you lose weight and curb hunger. Each cookie has more than 200 ingredients that were carefully selected to give the health benefits necessary in diet foods.

Each part of the diet is carefully thought-out and constructed by Moulavi, including the labor.

​Moulavi made a decision a few years ago to spend $250,000 more a year to keep the human workers, so almost everything is still done by hand.

The cookies themselves are made under a carefully measured protocol, but it's the packaging and precautionary measures that are interesting. The packaging part of the process, which is done by robots, throws a burst of nitrogen into the package as it's getting sealed to give them a longer shelf life.

Once the packages are sealed, a human worker takes each package and runs it through an
​x-ray that will detect any foreign matter. According to Moulavi, the worst thing that's been found is a small twig from the natural raisins. 

Moulavi is a man who follows what he preaches and has been on the Smart for Life diet for eight years. 

Anyone interested in starting can visit one of the Smart for Life clinics in Jupiter, Boca, Wellington, or Aventura. If you would prefer to go the nonmedical route, you can order the products at

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