Interview with Casa Mia's Chef Geremia Coppola - Part II

Yesterday, we shared Part I of our interview with Casa Mia's Chef Geremia Coppola. If you missed it, you can read it here. We now continue with our interview. 

Clean Plate Charlie: What would a typical meal in Italy consist of? 

Chef Geremia Coppola:  We eat healthy. Everything is fresh. You would think we eat a lot of pasta but we don't. We eat a lot of fish. Every dinner we have a fish dish, because the fish in the Mediterranean Sea is much fresher than the fish here. The fish tastes a lot better.

Do you like Florida?

I love Florida. It reminds me of Naples because I'm next to the water and people are nice.

Do you utilize the fresh fish and vegetables that are caught and grown locally?

Yes we do. We get fresh fish every day. We use fresh pasta. We make our own pasta and ravioli. Everything is homemade.

Do you go to the farms and docks or do you ahve someone do it for you?

We have somebody who brings us quality stuff. He's like family. Let's put it that way. 

What tips would you give chefs at home to make their food more fabulous?

Even if you read out of a recipe book you've got to put a lot of love into what you do. Cooking is like an art. Even if you fry an egg you have to do it with love. Just because you're hungry you can't just throw it inside of a pan.

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