Spike Mendelsohn as The Hamburgler
Spike Mendelsohn as The Hamburgler
Laine Doss

Interview with Chef and Top Chef Cheftestant Spike Mendelsohn- Part II

Yesterday, we presented Part I of our interview with Top Chef's Spike Mendelsohn. If you missed it, you can view it here. We continue with our interview.

Clean Plate Charlie: Do you have any plans for expanding Good Stuff Eatery outside of DC?

Spike Mendelsohn: As far as Good Stuff Eatery goes, we're about to launch a huge expansion plan. Right now we have plans to expand the restaurant to three new locations - one in Philly, another in DC, one in Chicago and maybe one in Miami, which I'm really excited about. Shake Shack got here first, of course, but there's room. I think I'll do really well here because my restaurant is different than any burger place and I feel we do burgers the best. Besides, I feel like Miami is home. Every year we come down here and the people are really nice. All the locals are really great here . I even have family down here.

What restaurants do you like to visit when you're in Miami?

I went to BLT, I like Michael's Genuine Food & Drink. David's is great for Cuban and Lime.

Did you get the special Lime VIP card at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival?

I do have the Lime Card.

Now that the event is over - what was your secret code?

"I have the munchies." I didn't pick it, but it's great.

Does that mean you're a bit of a stoner?

Yeah a little, maybe.

Do you have any plans in the works for television?

I have a couple of things sitting in every camp. I like all the channels - Food Network, Travel Channel, History Channel. We'll see who wants to do something with me, We'll see if I have a hit or not. I feel like I'm at the point where I really worked hard to get here.

If you could have a sweetheart television deal, what would be your "dream" show?

It would be a traveling show. I would like to yank Anthony Bourdain right out of the Travel Channel and take over. Seriously, he's a friend and I love what he does. I love traveling, I love meeting people, I love food and I like going to places where nobody goes. I would love to incorporate that into a show because that's what I've done. I've lived in Vietnam, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland. I've traveled all my life cooking and finding amazing places to eat. I think that would be a great show.

Stay tuned for a recipe by Spike Mendelsohn, coming soon. 

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