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Introducing Genie, the "Spirit in a Can," Coming to a Liquor Store Near You

Finally, all your alcoholic-beverage wishes are coming true, Fort Liquordale. From frozen cocktail ice cream and popsicles, to now this: Genie, the official line of "Spirits in a Can."

Yes, that's right -- coming soon to a bar, liquor store, or hotel minibar near you, we're talking hard liquor in a can for just $4.99, people.

Created by Scottish Spirit Imports -- which represents a line of flagship Scotch whiskeys produced by Reynald and Sons Ltd. based in Glasgow, Scotland -- Genie is the company's new product line of actual liquor in a can.

Designed and conceptualized by the company's owner, Reynald Grattagliano, and local Fort Lauderdale-based Scottish Liquor Imports Vice President of Operations Jean-Paul Benizri, Genie is currently the only company in the world licensed to can hard liquor.

Benizri told Clean Plate Charlie the idea to bottle liquor in a can originated from one of the company's existing products, Scotch whisky in a can, which is already sold in 17 countries, including the U.S.

"We are the first company in the whole world to put Scotch in the can and the only company authorized by the Scottish Spirits Association to do so," said Benizri. "And since our canned Scotch has become so popular, we decided to come out with a new line of canned liquor called Genie."

The complete line of canned alcohol -- which is already available for sale in Mexico -- is set to launch stateside in October. In just a few months, you will be able to buy everything from vodka, gin, rum, tequila, Kentucky bourbon, Canadian whiskey, cognac -- even sake -- in a can for less than the cost of mixed drink at the bar at stores like Total Wine and Crown Liquors. The company is also looking to establish business relationships with hotels nationwide, added Benizri, so you can pop a can of liquor right from your in-room minibar.

What about taste? Although we haven't had a chance to sample any, Benrizi said the premium liquors are sealed in specialty aluminum cans designed with a unique lining (similar to the plastic lining found in many beer cans) that works to preserve the taste and quality of the liquor. Even better: Each can comes with its own nonallergenic latex resealable cap.

We foresee a lot of drunken backyard BBQs, outdoor sporting events, and pool parties. But -- hey -- we don't call ourselves Fort Liquordale for nothing!

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