iPad Cafe Opens on Hollywood Beach: Chill Out and Surf (The Web)

It's the middle of winter and most of the United States is freezing. That means that thousands of really smart people are hopping planes and trains daily to enjoy south Florida's beautiful weather and sunny beaches.

Which leads us to the question -- Why are you, oh South Floridian, not doing the same?

We suggest a little day-trip to Hollywood Beach for some relaxation in the sand.

What, you say? You've got work to do and can't just drop everything and head to the beach?

We'll counter that argument by announcing the arrival of the iPad Cafe at Villa Sinclair.

The cafe offers cold and hot beverages -- and iPad rentals. For $10 an hour, you'll get the use of an iPad and a beverage of your choice. Watch YouTube cat videos, read Clean Plate Charlie...or work remotely -- it's up to you! iPads are available for rental seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The iPad cafe offers a large range of beverages, including Nespresso cappuccinos and lattes ($3); juices ($3); sodas ($2); and teas ($2 hot, $3 iced) and WiFi is free if you already have an iPad.

Want to stay for the day? For $20, you can enjoy a hot tub, private beach cabanas, two outdoor fireplaces, and color printing and scanning services. Hmmm...that's some pretty good beachside office space.

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