Iron Fork's DeRosa & Rapicavoli on Competition: Get Discount Tickets Today

Bill Wisser
Trash-talking was never this tasty.

Presented by the Downtown Development Authority and Miami New Times Iron Fork, which also happens to be the official kickoff to Miami Spice, is August 1 at the Adrienne Arsht Center.

The gorgeous performing arts theater complex will transform into South Florida's culinary capital, where dozens of our best restaurants will offer tastes as a preview to Miami Spice, the two-month-long event that features Miami's best restaurants offering specially priced three-course menus.

Along with food, live music, and drinks, Iron Fork is also an awesome cooking competition in which two of Miami's most accomplished chefs take the stage to battle for the ultimate Iron Fork 2013 title.

Jamie DeRosa of South Beach's Tongue & Cheek and Giorgio Rapicavoli of Eating House in Coral Gables are the chefs preparing for this epic battle in some pretty unusual ways. When asked about how they're training for Iron Fork, Rapicavoli said that he's channeling his inner Rocky Balboa by "listening to lots of 'Eye of the Tiger' and punching the short ribs in the walk-in," while DeRosa is instituting the Tongue & Cheek CrossFit camp with classes starting "any day now."

Rapicavoli, a Chopped! veteran, thinks the outcome will be close.

"He [DeRosa] and I have some things in common," says Rapicavoli.

DeRosa, meanwhile, isn't too concerned about Rapicavoli's television success.

"Giorgio is a past contest winner, but this ain't Chopped. Unfortunately for him, his luck is about to run out."

DeRosa and Rapicavoli will duke it out at Iron Fork on August 1 at 7 p.m. at the Adrienne Arsht Center. Tickets cost $40 until July 31 for general admission and $75 for VIP, but use the promo code "Knife" at checkout and take $10 off general-admission tickets.

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