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Iron Maiden's Beer Tapped In South Florida, Drink With Nicko McBrain At Rock N' Roll Ribs Today

'You drink my beer, but I'll drink yours too!' No, we'll never get tired of screaming these (modified) "The Trooper" lyrics, from Iron Maiden's album Piece of Mind. The Crimean War-themed hit single resonates as a icon of 1983 British metal. All of that musical background, though, is more suited to County Grind than Clean Plate Charlie, so why are we talking about beer and Iron Maiden?

TROOPER beer, of course!

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Iron Maiden's TROOPER (all caps, of course, because Iron Maiden) is the work of front man Bruce Dickinson and Robinson's Brewery in the UK, and popped on our radar during the quest to find the top ten geekiest beers

Featuring Cascade, Goldings, and Bobec (a variety of Styrian) hops, the beer should have a pleasant hoppiness that doesn't dominate the palate. "It pours a deep golden colour, so deep it verges on copper," says Marverine Cole, an accredited beer sommelier, and member of the Campaign for Real Ale. "Caramel, earthy/grassy notes and a hint of lemon citrus on the nose. All very subtle, but no real punch in terms of aroma...That subtlety translates into the flavour of a delicate sweetness, a light dry finish with no lingering bitterness: all-in-all, a well-balanced brewed beer... This is a 'session' beer in the truest sense of the word."

We will soon be able to make our own mind up about this beer, as the British-style amber ale is finally coming to the shores of the United States, and will be drinkable for one of the first times in this country right here in South Florida. Why, you might ask? Drummer and noted restauranteur Nicko McBrain lives in Boca Raton and runs the Rock n' Roll Ribs restaurant in Coral Springs. As the website states, "It's finally here - Trooper Ale lands at R&R Ribs on Tuesday 8/13/13. Rock n Roll Ribs is one of the first places in the USA to carry Trooper Ale. Come on in and join Nicko for a cold one!"

Oh, we plan to.

Nicko will also be hitting the airwaves with some "special guests" on 98.7 The Gator from 6 to 8 p.m. today. Heck, what could be better than grabbing a plate of the best ribs of 2012 and slamming it down with an Iron Maiden beer?

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