Johnny V sells some tacos.
Johnny V sells some tacos.

Is Long John Silver's Pitchman Our Johnny V?

If you've seen Long John Silver's TV spots, you might be wondering if the fast-food joint's "Johnny V" pitchman was South Florida's own Johnny V, aka, chef Johnny Vinczencz.

"I'm Johnny V. I'm rich," one of the spots begins. "Why? I'm smart. I choose the $1 Baja fish taco." He goes on to explain that it's a "high-class meal," just like you'd expect from Johnny V's on Las Olas, right?

Well, our Johnny V says he isn't pitching fast-food. By email, he said several people have asked him about the ads, although he hasn't seen it himself.

"It doesn't really bother me. I find it a bit amusing," Vinczencz replied by email. "There are actually a couple of different Johnny V restaurants around the country -- a big one in San Diego, and a rock gospel singer who goes by Johnny V. So, whata ya gonna do?"

Well, for one thing, you could skip the $1 fish tacos. Try instead the $11 version -- corn-crusted snapper with jalapeno tartar sauce, greens, tomato salsa, and blue corn chips -- served up by our version of Johnny V.


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