Is McRib Planning a December Return?

Forget the milk and cookies this year. If rumors are correct, you could leave Santa a snack by the chimney that he really wants to eat this Christmas -- a tasty McRib sandwich.

According to Advertising Age, McDonald's is planning on releasing the pressed-pork sammy in late December.

The sandwich is usually released once a year, from late October through early November. The short window of opportunity to eat the McRib is at least part of the reason why this item has a near-crazed rabid fan base.

Think we're exaggerating? Check out this online McRib locator.

Advertising Age says it obtained a memo from McDonald's Operators

National Advertising Fund  claiming that the fast-food giant will

hold the release of the McRib back until the second half of December to "strengthen the fourth-quarter 2012 OPNAD calendar." To us, that just means a McRib lunch break between shopping bouts at the mall.


secret memo also said that McDonald's is planning to launch two new

products: a cheddar bacon onion Angus burger and a cheddar bacon onion

chicken sandwich.

Also due to come down the McDonald's pipeline

are Fish McBites. The nuggets of fish, served with tartar sauce for

dipping, were introduced in select markets last year, but this is the

first time they'll be part of a national campaign.

McDonald's has declined to comment, stating, "We cannot comment on leaked documents, information." Which probably means Santa will be eating a lot of McRibs... and we'll all need bigger chimneys.

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