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Is Tipping an 'Abomination' or Should it Remain Common Practice?

In many ways, tipping can be an annoying practice.

Consumers get stuck trying to figure out how much to tip per level of service, while restauranteurs get away with paying waiters as low as $4.77 per hour in the state of Florida.

An article written by Brian Palmer, recently published on Slate, claimed that tipping is an abomination and we should abolish the practice.

"Tipping is a repugnant custom. It's bad for consumers and terrible for workers. It perpetuates racism. Tipping isn't even good for restaurants, because the legal morass surrounding gratuities results in scores of expensive lawsuits."

While it did raise some valid points, we decided to look into it further a bit further. We chatted with some local servers and bartenders to see how they felt about getting rid of common gratuity procedures.

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