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It's National Cocktail Your Coffee Day: Spike Your Coffee With These Recipes

Today is a double whammy. Not only is it Monday (which is usually the worst day of the week), but it's the first Monday after daylight savings time. We're not sure about you, but when the alarm went off this morning and it was still dark out we weren't in the most chipper of moods.

There's only one thing in to do on such a day -- spike your coffee. Look, it's not that we're condoning day drinking (that's for Sunday brunch), but this is a holiday and holidays demand to be celebrated. That's right, today, March 10 is National Cocktail Your Coffee Day.

This awesome holiday celebrates one thing and one thing only -- adding a little liquid cheer to your coffee -- like, say, Kahlúa, the Mexican rum/coffee liqueur that just begs to be added to your hot beverage.

Like anything, there's a hashtag, so if you're planning on spiking, share it on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using #CocktailYourCoffee -- just be sure you're not operating heavy machinery or have a humorless boss before you do.

Hot Kahlua Coffee

2 parts Kahlua

3 parts coffee

Build in mug, add milk or creme to taste and garnish with orange peel and cinnamon.

Iced Kahlua Coffee

2 parts Kahlua

2 parts coffee

1 part milk or creme

Build in ice-filled Collins glass.

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