S'more please...
S'more please...

It's National S'Mores Day: Make Some Tonight (Video)

Once again, here's a totally made-up holiday that just sounds like a good time. National S'mores day. 

This campfire classic has dubious origins, but the first recorded recipe for this sticky mess of a snack dates back to the 1927 Girl Scouts publication, Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts.

Deceptively simple, the recipe simple calls for toasting marshmallows

from a campfire, then placing the gooey molten sugar pillows onto graham

crackers, along with a chunk of chocolate.

What starts out to be a fun campfire activity turns out to be a frustrating exercise complete with small fires, burned fingers and lips, and chocolate smeared...everywhere.

There is a better way, and this amazing stop-motion video shows you how to make delicious mess-free S'mores in your own home. That means in air-conditioned comfort. We say forget the campfire, but break out the crackers and the marshmallows (and a good bottle of stout beer) and have an adult S'mores party tonight.


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