Leave the parrot. Take the doughnut.
Leave the parrot. Take the doughnut.
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It's Talk Like a Pirate Day: Free Krispy Kreme, Matey!

Ahoy, mateys! If yar be wantin' to get some free grub t'day, yer best be headin' yar scurvy self over to Krrrispy Krrreme.*

*Translation:  Hello friends. If you would like some free doughnuts, please visit your local Krispy Kreme today.

That's right, landlubbers. Today, September 19, is Talk Like a Pirate Day, that fabulous day when you should feel free to pepper your conversation with phrases like "avast ye matey," "she's a sassy wench," "I be plunderin'," and  "thar she blows."

Hint: When in doubt, a simple "Arrrrr" or "Yaarrrrrr" is always effective.

Sound nutty? Hey! Look where it got Johnny Depp! Besides, Krispy Kreme

is giving away a glazed doughnut to anyone who comes in to one of its shops and talks like a pirate today.

Come in wearing full

pirate regalia and you'll be rewarded with golden booty -- in the form

of a dozen glazed doughnuts.

We know pirates

don't go by any rules (except the rules of the sea), but Krispy Kreme

does, so no weapons (leave the swords, scabbards, pistols, and muscats

at home), one offer per pirate per visit, the offer is only good at

Krispy Kreme shops, and due to health-code restrictions,

your parrot will have to wait outside the shop.

In case you're rusty on your pirate-speak, here's a lesson for you. Watch this handy-dandy video and you'll be speaking pirate in no time!


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