J. Wakefield's Raw Oyster Beer Shots (Video)

There were lots of shenanigans to be had, as well as beers, at the Palm Beach Craft Beer Festival Saturday. Perhaps the most bold was J.Wakefield Brewing's new move: oyster beer shots.

Are we kidding? No. This is serious business. There is something to be said for sticking raw seafood in alcoholic drinks and downing them in one gulp. Anyone who knows about beer and food pairings knows that raw oysters pair excellent with stout, but actually IN stout?

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J.Wakefield's oyster stout is already brewed with freshly-shucked oysters, so adding the raw oyster to a shot of stout is simply complimenting something that already tastes delicious. Chewing is optional.

While beer vendors unleashed their taps upon the thirsty crowd during Saturday afternoon, reps from Gold Coast Beverage Distributors were maintaining a steady flow of freshly shucked oysters to the J. Wakefield Brewing tent. Then this happened.

Boom, and there you have it. Others may have gone went down this path before by combining raw oysters with a shot of whatever beer, but not like this. Eff the hot sauce. Raw oyster + oyster stout = epic beerness.

Maybe this will be a new trend -- we can only hope. Bartenders, bar owners and restauranteurs get in on this. Get some oysters, get some stout and make some oyster beer shots.

It may be raw seafood dunked in beer, but this isn't a New Jersey Turnpike, or a shooter made with an evening's worth of spilled alcohol from a bar mat. Don't ever drink one of those, unless you're desperate or completely insane.

As the opening of J.Wakfield Brewing draws closer by the day, could this impromptu partnership with Gold Coast signify something greater? We shall surely see.

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