Jackson's Steakhouse Put Out to Pasture

Word comes today via the Sun Sentinel that Jackson's Steakhouse has shuttered those iconic double doors at 450 Las Olas Blvd. for good. Owner Jack Jackson has joined forces with the BOVA Group, operators of BOVA Prime just across the street as well as BOVA Ristorante and BOVA Cucina in Boca Raton. Jackson takes on the new role of President and Chief Operating Officer of the group following 12 years of operating Jackson's.

Jackson's was the sort of joint where deals where made and broken, where suits gathered to impress clients and lavish their bejeweled courtesans. During the day, the restaurant became a private meeting place for the posh and powerful. At night it retained some of that air of exclusivity, with padded banquettes that walled off your own private kingdom and tall ceilings to hold all that hot air. As an example of the Dionysian powers at work in the Great American Steakhouse, it was bar none. The food, on the other hand, was passionless and dated. Take a look at our review of Jackson's from this time last year; you might surmise its days were numbered even then, before expense accounts contracted and the economy took a dive. The restaurant was simply not operating with the times.

Nevertheless, the article takes some time to set up owner Jack

Jackson as a master of restaurant economy. Says Scott Rothstein,

Chairman of the BOVA Group:

"I knew before I

approached Jack that he was a brilliant restaurateur... Sometimes you

get into a rut. I'm not saying he was in a rut," said

Rothstein. "You need some kind of spark and I think we provided that

for Jack. He did not need me to survive. We both needed each other to

go to the next level."

BOVA Group plans to re

brand the room and open it as BOVA Smoke, a martini and cigar club,

later this year. We think drinks and stogies sound just about right:

that's the same Jackson's spirit, anyway, minus the overpriced steaks,

miserable seafood, and unimpressive sides.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.