Jamie Foxx is a Hostess Ding Dong (Video)

Since Hostess' shutdown, Twinkies have become a valuable commodity. Despite all the "lifespan of a million years" jokes, the snack cake actually has a shelf life of only about 28 days, according to a company spokesperson, which is making the dwindling supplies of the popular snack cake in high demand. A box of 10 cakes is currently selling for $12.75 on Amazon.com, about three times more than the suggested retail price of the cream-filled treats. 

But with all this talk about the loss of Twinkies, we've all forgotten the other childhood favorites that have also been lost in bakeries' closure. Devil Dogs, Sno-Balls, HoHo's, Swiss Rolls, and Ding Dongs are all fellow casualties -- yet we don't much about those cakes because of the loud lament for the Twinkie. 

That's about to change, as a Hostess Ding Dong uses SNL's Weekend Update as a bully pulpit for his grievances. The Ding Dong (played by Jamie Foxx) says though he has no malice to Twinkie (they are, after all, brothers from another batter), he thinks there's a reason why there's no love for the Ding Dong. Snack Profiling.

Watch Foxx try his best to not lose it as he portrays one very pissed off Ding Dong:


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