Jazz Brunch at Michelle Bernstein's Begins This Sunday

This just in: Michelle Bernstein at the Omphoy is now offering a jazz brunch every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. And there's a perk: After eating, you receive a one-day pass to lounge around the swanky hotel; this includes lounge chairs and towel service. (Gotta love Bernstein's uptown/downtown vibe; she does chic hotels and partners with Crisco!)

The menu will be executed by chef de cuisine Lindsay Autry, and will be

divided into three sections: To Nosh ($6 to $16), Cold ($12 to $14), and

Hot ($14 to $24). According to a press release, "standouts include the

wildly popular shrimp 'vuelve à la vida' with orange, avocado, and

cilantro; crispy artichokes served with a creamy lemon coriander dipping

sauce; BBQ short rib sliders topped with coleslaw on a perfectly

toasted brioche; and a selection of salads, such as rustic Greek salad

with feta, charred chickpeas, and zahtar Greek dressing."

Us, we're hankering for the dulce de leche French toast and the buttermilk biscuits.

The jazz brunch begins this weekend, November 7, and reservations are suggested -- call 561-540-6450.


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