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Jewish Food Festival in Cooper City This Sunday (Nosh Fest II: Electric Matzo Boogaloo)

Secret: Some of us Gentiles are crazy about Jewish food. So much so that we'll even date Jewish girls just so we're sure to be invited for brisket at her grandmother's apartment in Delray Beach every year. That's the thing about the second-annual Nosh Fest, South Florida's Jewish food festival: It's like having dozens of bubbes doting on you, asking, insisting, that you try just one more bite. 

If you've ever suffered through a serious matzo ball soup or pastrami addiction --

and especially if chopped liver was cheap, good, and readily

obtainable -- then you know how debilitating it can be to try to live

anywhere but certain portions of the U.S. Eastern seaboard. The festival

is sort of like a pain clinic, only with the best comfort food ever


The Nosh Fest throws down this Sunday, November 21, at the Temple Beth Emet, located at 4807 S. Flaming Road in Cooper City. 


of the items sound beyond irresistible. Wait, what's stopping us from

converting again? Oh yeah -- that surgery sounds awful.

In addition to all the stuff you can taste, there'll be cooking classes as well. Kids can learn to make hummus. Chef Mindy Kaufman, a capable caterer, will show how she makes tomato caprese, pasta salad, and an adults-only, liquor-fueled dessert.

But it's the descriptions of the food that has us all atwitter (well, that and the website's photograph of a pastrami sandwich, which is practically pornographic in its tempting beauty).

Seriously, listen to this:

Lower East Side corned beef sandwich.
Romanian pastrami sandwich.
Brooklyn minibagel with lox and cream cheese.
Israeli felafel.
Aunt Sadie's matzo ball soup.
Sweet noodle kugel.
Plus, they're gonna have ruggulah, blintzes, stuffed cabbage, and knishes. (What, no kasha varnishkes?)

See where they're going with this?!?! It's a conspiracy, a conspiracy to try to convert us lapsed Catholics. 

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