Joey's Home Bakery: Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Paleo Baked Goods in Boynton Beach

Do you have a gluten intolerance, celiac disease, or diabetes? Do you follow a special diet that restricts you from eating grains or dairy? And do you hate the fact that you can't enjoy your favorite breads, pastries, cakes, and desserts because of it?

Well, bemoan the loss of gluten no more. If you're looking for a place that caters to saying "no" to ingredients like wheat, corn, sugar, milk, and eggs, look no further than Joey's Home Bakery in Boynton Beach.

As Palm Beach County's only fully- dedicated gluten-free bakery, Joey's Home Bakery offers a small storefront where you can purchase or special-order a variety of cookies, muffins, cakes, pies, and breads all guaranteed to be gluten-free. In addition, the bakery has a number of sugar- and dairy-free choices as well as an entire section dedicated to those who follow a vegan or Paleo diet.

Owner and baker Joey Weiss opened her shop in December as an outlet to sell her widely popular baked goods, which she first started serving at West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens farmers' markets several years ago. Her recipes were so good, you'd never know it was natural talent -- and not years of culinary training -- that allowed Weiss to master gluten-free baking.

Instead, it was her other love: her family. When Weiss' husband, Victor, was diagnosed with celiac disease -- a condition that damages the small intestine due to gluten intolerance -- 14 years ago, she immediately began following a gluten- and corn-free diet. That meant learning to serve good food with sacrifice. Over the years, family and friends urged her to sell her artisan breads and baked goods, and as word spread, she opened a stand-alone location in the Home Depot shopping center off Woolbright Road just west of I-95.

Today, Weiss sells her goods to nearby country clubs, caterers, hotels, restaurants, and schools, but she also makes her favorite recipes available at her small walk-in shop and kitchen. There are heart-shaped carrot cakes, chocolate chip cookies, specialty breads like rosemary, and olive oil focaccia.

"We use only gluten-free whole grain flour from Bob's Red Mill and mix all our breads, cookie, and cake better using sorghum, millet, chickpea, quinoa, or brown rice flours," Weiss tells Clean Plate Charlie. "That way, you aren't getting something that is nothing but empty calories. Instead, you're getting plenty of nutritional value from grains that are protein-rich, as well as plenty of soluble fiber."

Joey's Home Bakery is located at 1532 SW Eighth St. in Boynton Beach. Visit, or call 561-292-4004.

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