John Martin's - Irish Brunch, Whiskey In Your Coffee, and 20 Cent Budweiser Bottles


Back in 1989 Martin Lynch, a waiter at Christy's Restaurant, and John Slarke, a banquet guy at the Biltmore got to thinking. "We noticed that every city in America has an Irish pub and Coral Gables didn't. So we started one, and 20 years later we're still here." says Martin. "Martin Lynch and John Slarke, that's how you make John Martin's, it's a combination of the two names y'see." 

I called John Martin's to find out about their Irish Brunch on Sundays. As far as I knew, an Irish Brunch was 3 shots of whiskey, 4 pints of Guinness and a baked potato. But as it turned out it's much more than that. Martin and I got to talking, here's what he had to say...

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What's the deal with the Irish Brunch?

Its from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and its an a la carte brunch menu with

omelettes, bagels, eggs benedict, smoked salmon, burgers, sheperds pie,

chicken francaise (chicken dipped in egg batter), lot's of stuff.

What's the price range?

$7.50 to $15 - steak and eggs is $15.50 for a New York Strip.

You call it an Irish Brunch, but all I heard so far was American and French, where's the Irish?

Well we have the traditional Irish Country Breakfast. That's $13.50 and it's Irish bacon, Irish sausage, black

and white pudding (made with blood sausage), eggs whatever way you want them.

That's the typical Irish breakfast you get when you go to Ireland.

If they don't want that then they got American breakfast, there's lots of choices

on this menu, here's a few....

  • Corn beef hash with poached eggs is $9.50.
  • Order of pancakes is $4.95.

  • We

    start serving beer and liquor at

What temperature do you serve Guinness off the tap?

Its probably around 44, 45 degrees.


Hahhaha. No, fahrenheit. The ideal temperature would be a few degrees warmer than Harp or Smithwicks, but it's cost prohibitive to do it that way.

We serve the best Guinness in town. We have a great run on it, which means we sell a lot of it, always very fresh. It comes from Ireland

goes through Connecticut and then it's

shipped all over the country.

These are hard times out here, are you in any kind of potato famine?

We do very well cause our price point is very fair, our

business is growing. No potato famine. We serve Col Cannon: that's mashed potatoes, green

onions, butter, . all freshly made as well, not

instant or any like that.

You got any deals on whiskey in the coffee?

Yeah we do a great

Irish coffee made with marshmallows, whiskey, brown sugar, coffee and real whipped cream, nothing out

of the can.

Gives you the perfect jumpstart.

I heard you're doin you're 20th anniversary?

This is our 20th year. We opened April 6th


. Our anniversary coincides with prohibition.  We're doin a special with Budweiser that week (week of April 6th), 76

cent buds from 4 - 7 p.m. Monday to Thursday, and then on Friday from 4 - 7 p.m. we're doing 20 cent buds. The original Budweiser is the one that rolled into Washington

that day on the Clydesdales so that's what we're selling, only original Budweiser, no Bud Light or anything else.

Best drink in the morning?

Magners Cider picks you right

up after a hard night.

Best Drink for Economic Depression?

Nice creamy pint of Guinness.

Best Drink with A Meal?

Smithwicks, it's an Irish ale, a pint.




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