A Crazy Sexy Vegan group gathering.
A Crazy Sexy Vegan group gathering.
Courtesy of Crazy Sexy Vegan

Join Broward's Crazy Sexy Vegan Meetup Group

If it's a given that plant-based foods make skin glow, excess weight drop off, and energy increase, then it's clear that vegans are a pretty sexy bunch. Just ask Avia Feldman and Leaha Perl, organizers of Broward County's latest Meetup group, Crazy Sexy Vegan.

After going to see Cowspiracy in October of last year, the duo realized how much power food choices have on people — and on the planet. They then decided they wanted to make a bigger impact and started checking out events in the area. Realizing there wasn't much going on in Broward, they launched the new group.

"Through our food choices, we tend to become kinder, more compassionate, and healthier," says Feldman. "We want people to enjoy amazingly delicious vegan food. Ultimately, we want to have a ton of fun doing this and bring some culture to Broward." 

The group now boasts 209 members. 

So how'd the name choice come about?

A group of Crazy Sexy Vegans on an outing.
A group of Crazy Sexy Vegans on an outing.
Courtesy of Crazy Sexy Vegan

"We kept going back and forth trying to find a name that explains what we are about," says Perl. "After wracking our brains, we randomly looked at Kris Carr's book Crazy Sexy Kitchen sitting on my bookshelf and thought that would be a perfect fit. Crazy Sexy Vegans of Broward — it's catchy and inspired by plant-based, self-healing guru Kris Carr." 

Their event choices run the gamut from documentary screenings to happy hours to potlucks to volunteering on farms. The next scheduled event is a Fully Raw Fiesta at Seed of Life Bistro in Wilton Manors on Tuesday, May 5.

"Our vibe is relaxed and fun, full of good conversation and new experiences," says Feldman.

"We have a wide range of events, but you will definitely never leave one without learning something," adds Perl. "Our group pushes the vegan stereotype aside as we have people from all walks of life, backgrounds, food lifestyles, and careers attend our events."

The group is open to everyone, and you can join via Meetup.

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