Jon Favreau Gives Conan O'Brien a Dime Bag of Brisket

When you're a guest -- either at a party or on a talk show -- it's always nice to bring a gift.

Apparently, Jon Favreau got the etiquette memo, because when he stopped by Conan O'Brien's show to talk about his new movie Chef, he brought a dime bag...of brisket.

It seems that all that culinary training Favreau went through to make the film, in which he's a chef with Sofia Vergara as an ex-wife and Scarlett Johansson as his girlfriend, hit home. Now the actor/writer/director is a quadruple threat since he's a really good cook, too.

The actor, who went to culinary school to learn how to cook for the movie, is now installing a commercial kitchen in his home, saying, "it's a good mid-life crisis hobby."

Coco agreed -- especially when he said his midlife crisis purchase of Arabian horses didn't pan out so well. "They all ran away."

Favreau, who said the only way audiences would believe a man like him would land Vergara and Johansson was with his incredible food, said he was glad the film is doing so well -- and that it brought out his passion for cooking.

"I'm in my 40's. This is all I have left."

Maybe smoked meat (and a hit indie film) is all you need.

Watch Favreau present Andy RIchter and Conan with some smoked meat here:

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