June Is National Iced Tea Month: Booze It Up With These Pinterest Tea Cocktail Recipes

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Tea may or may not be an integral part of your diet depending on where you're from.

If you're a Brit, we know you're chugging cups of PG Tips all day long.

Southerners: there's probably not a day that goes by without consuming several jugs of sweet iced tea for lunch.

While the herbal beverage isn't quite as important to everyone, it is relaxing and enjoyable -- and a hell of a lot healthier than corn syrup-laden sodas.

Turns out, June is National Iced Tea Month.

And we decided it was about time to revisit the salubrious beverage with some good ole alcohol. We scoured the interwebs (namely Pinterest) in search of boozy iced tea concoctions.

Check them out.

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Raspberry Iced Tea Martini from Martini Chronicles


Three ounces of Raspberry Sweet Tea Vodka

One ounce of Raspberry-flavored Lemonade (I prefer Simply Lemonade®)

One ounce of Freshly Brewed Tea (Cooled and Sweetened to Taste)

Fresh Raspberries for Garnish

Lemon Wedge for Garnish


Step One: In a shaker, combine ice, vodka, lemonade, and brewed tea; shake vigorously.

Step Two: Drop fresh raspberries in the bottom of a chilled martini glass, and strain mixture into glass.

Step Three: Garnish with a lemon wedge.

White Peach Green Tea Cocktail from Key Ingredient shared by Dunja B.


Two teaspoons loose-leaf green tea leaves, divided

One teaspoon powdered sugar

One lime

Three tablespoons hot water

Half fresh peach

One and half ounces Grey Goose Vodka

Two to three teaspoons fresh lime juice

Simple Syrup, to taste

Step One: Mix one teaspoon of green tea leaves and powdered sugar in a saucer.

Step Two: Cut a notch into the flesh of a lime wedge and moisten the rim of a martini glass by rubbing the lime around the rim. Dip the glass into the green tea and sugar mixture until the entire edge is rimmed evenly.

Step Three: Steep one teaspoon of the green tea leaves in the hot water for one to two minutes to produce a strong green tea. Pour the hot tea into the mixing glass. Add ice cubes, and gently chill the tea.

Step Four: Cut the white peach into bit-size pieces. In a shaker, muddle the peach pieces into a soft pulp. Add the vodka, chilled green tea, lime juice and simple syrup to taste and shake well.

Step Five: Strain and pour into the glass.

Spiked Cherry Iced Teas by Bookcooker


About one to one and a half cups iced tea, depending on the glass you use

One shot of bourbon

Eight to ten cherries, plus one for garnish

One teaspoons sugar (more if your cherries are not sweet)

One tablespoon of hot water

Step One: Pit all of the cherries but one and put in a small bowl.

Step Two: Add the sugar and with a fork, mash up the cherries and sugar.

Step Three: Pour the tablespoon of hot water over the mixture and let sit for ten to 20 minutes to let the cherries macerate and flavor the water.

Step Four: Mix the cherries and liquid together with the iced tea and bourbon in a cocktail shaker or glass, pour into a glass filled with ice, and stir.

Step Five: Garnish with a cherry and relax.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.