Quahogs: a good way to celebrate an anniversary.
Quahogs: a good way to celebrate an anniversary.
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Kelly's Landing to Celebrate 2nd/23rd Anniversary

Kelly's Landing has been around for a few years now, but it depends on how you're counting as to what anniversary they'll celebrate Sunday. The restaurant, which serves up New England fare, has been there 23 years, but the new ownership took over two years ago.

"So we've been saying this is the second-slash-23rd anniversary," says co-owner Bob Beatty.

No matter how you count it, Kelly's Landing will hold an anniversary bash in the

parking lot this Sunday from noon until whenever the beer and food runs

out. They'll have a grill outside serving up fish sandwiches, fries,

quahogs, and the like. There will be some simple games for the kids,

like beanbag toss and bowling. A DJ will spin from noon until 6 p.m.,

and then a guitarist will take over.

Craft booths and a bake

sale will benefit the children of a 16-year waitstaff veteran from

Kelly's who died this year from leukemia. "We set up a college fund for

her kids, and we've been doing a few fundraisers for it," Beatty says.

"Hopefully we'll raise some money for them and have fun with it."


expects about a thousand people this year, similar to last year, the

first time they had an anniversary party. "A lot of our reguar

customers will be there," Beatty says, "and hopefully we bring in a few

others too."

After two/23 years, you can bet there's regulars.


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