KFC's Double Down Dog: Nothing Compared to South Florida Fair Food

KFC's Double Down Dog: Nothing Compared to South Florida Fair Food

Although it sounds like it, Double Down Dog is not an advanced yoga pose. It is, in actuality, the exact opposite of one.

The Double Down Dog is KFC's latest foray into the "shock and awe" food category, which includes such tantalizing gut-busters as Pizza Hut's Vegemite-stuffed-crust pizza (available only in Australia), and the Dunkin' Donuts' glazed doughnut breakfast sandwich.

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This one-way ticket to the ER menu item is a hot dog... coated in cheese sauce... on a fried chicken-patty bun! This is, of course, the manic offspring of the KFC Double Down, a sandwich of bacon, cheese, and secret sauce nestled between two fried chicken fillets.

According to Mashable, the United States is safe from this monster of a lunch -- for now. The Double Down Dog is available only in the Philippines for a limited time.

Take heart (or heart medication), South Florida, because a pretty good facsimile of KFC's artery-clogging sandwich is available at Bianco's Foods at the South Florida Fair. The Bird Dog is a hot dog bun layered with crumbled bacon and fried chicken tenders and topped with honey mustard. Just add a hot dog to it (also available at the fair) and you've actually one-upped the Colonel's megameal.

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If you've got room, the fair also features treats like a pork and mashed potato parfait, fried Pepsi, and the Philly Cheese Steak Donut Burger. A bit of advice before partaking of all this deliciousness: Enjoy the midway rides first.

The South Florida Fair runs through February 1. Tickets are on sale at all Palm Beach County Publix supermarkets. Call 561-793-0333, or visit southfloridafair.com.

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