Krispy Kreme Offers Holiday Doughnut and a 12-12-12 Surprise

Krispy Kreme, that little shop that makes us salivate every time their "hot" light turns on, is launching a new holiday line of doughnuts.

While they'll never, ever be able to replace the classic hot glazed, these treats are sure to make any office fiscal-year-end meeting just a little happier.

We suggest giving a few happy snowman treats to your boss, Scrooge McDuck. Who know? Maybe you'll get that bonus (or at least a canned ham) out of it.

The new varieties include chocolate doughnut iced with holiday sprinkles;  red velvet iced with cream cheese frosting and topped with red velvet crumbles; gingerbread cake iced with spiced frosting; and a snowman.

Krispy Kreme is also celebrating 12-12-12 (12 doughnuts in a dozen) with a surprise giveaway.


the doughnut shop on Facebook and on the big day, every fan of Krispy

Kreme will get a surprise (by the looks of it, we're suspecting a dozen

glazed doughnuts).

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