Krispy Kreme Wants to Give You a Staycation

Sneak a peek at the calendar and you might be shocked to realize that Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching. "Where did half the year go?", you're asking to yourself as you frantically figure out there's no moolah in the coffers to take a much-needed summer vacation.

Luckily, we live in a place that people flock to visit. If you look at it the right way, you could say that every day's a holiday here. To prove that point, the good people at Krispy Kreme, the doughnut company that has us salivating every time we see that "Hot Now" light turned on, is giving away a bunch of staycation packages -- perfect for planning your own backyard getaway.

Each staycation prize package contains one free Krispy Kreme iced beverage per week for a year; one dozen doughnuts; sunscreen; postcards; a Key lime scented air freshener; a beach towel; a travel mug; a 12 oz. bag of coffee; a beach ball; and a staycation "do not disturb" sign. All told, the value is $300. One prize pack will be awarded per Krispy Kreme location.

To enter, just stop by your nearest Krispy Kreme by May 18, 2013, complete a game form (while supplies last), and place it in the entry box. One entry per person.

Plus, the Krispy Kreme Cruiser is driving around the United States, looking for a place to have a staycation beach blast! If you want them to bring the party to you, just follow @KrispyKreme on Twitter and let them know you want a party at your place using hashtag #sweetstops. If you're chosen, the cruiser will bring giveaways, a prize wheel, and doughnuts to your home, office, school, or...wherever!

Of course, when you're on vacation staycation, it's always nice to send a postcard to let friends and family know you're having a nice time, so Krispy Kreme has e-cards for you to send, too.

Why all the summer hoopla? Of course, it's to celebrate Krispy Kreme's Key lime doughnuts. The Key lime cake is topped with Key lime cream cheese icing and a kreme dollop, while the Key lime cheesecake is filled with tangy cheesecake, topped with Key lime cream cheese icing, and graham cracker crust crumbles. Both doughnuts are $1.09 each (suggested retail). Now your mouth can go on staycation, too.

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