Krispy KremeCelebrates Valentine's Day With Heart Shaped Treats

This Valentine's Day forget the heart shaped box full of bon bons and get a sweet treat that you know everyone will actually love -- a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts all dressed up for the special day.

The doughnut bakery that drives us wild whenever their"hot now" light is turned on, is featuring a selection of  holiday goodies, available now through February 14.

The doughnuts are 99 cents each, $8.99 for a dozen.

Plus, if you buy a dozen, you'll get a dozen cut little V-Day cards -- each redeemable for a free doughnut!

The V-Day doughnuts come in these flavors:

Sprinkled Heart A white iced, heart-shaped doughnut with red and white sprinkles.

Valentine Sprinkles- A chocolate iced ring with red and white sprinkles.

Chocolate Iced Heart- A chocolate iced, heart-shaped doughnut with red drizzle.

Of course, there's more. You can send your lover an e-Valentine courtesy of Krispy Kreme or share your love (of doughnuts, of course) on the Krispy Kreme Facebook page.

Plus, if you can't get to a Krispy Kreme, boxes of a half-dozen heart-shaped glazed are available at grocery and drug stores for $4.99. Still, so much better than that crazy box of stale chocolate covered cherries.

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