Lady Gaga Tweets Beer Bikini Self-Portrait (Photo)

Lady Gaga has made some interesting fashion choices over her career.

In the past she's dressed in rags, meat, and muppet. The only thing is we almost never get to see the real girl behind the getups.

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This week Gaga showed her true colors -- which happen to be red, white, and blue.

The singer/musician/performance artist took a beach break while on tour and tweeted a self-portrait -- wearing a bikini found at most Fort Lauderdale beach surf shops!

It seems that while Lady Gaga is a jet setting mystery woman, Stefani Germanotta is just a girl from New York City, as insecure as all of us about wearing a bikini. Though that, apparently, doesn't stop her from enjoying a good 'ole American beer, as evidenced by her choice of swimwear.

Here's Gaga's Tweet:

And here's her picture:

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