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Laser Wolf in Fort Lauderdale is Fort Lauderdale's Coolest New Bar

Laser Wolf  waged its battle to destroy the evil forces of  frat bars and skeevy lounges this weekend when it opened its doors to the public on Friday night. Laser Wolf, despite its infinitely cool, Transformer-like name, is not a robot in disguise; it's Fort Lauderdale's newest hot spot to get your imbibe on! Located at 901 Progresso Drive in suite 101 of the historic Progresso Plaza, Laser Wolf aspires to become " your new neighborhood bar". 

Within the ecclectic crimson walls of Laser Wolf one can overindulge in expansive array of

craft beers such as Stone IPA, Milk Stout, and Rastafa Rye Ale (the

bar also offers a variety of wine).

On Saturday, the motley crowd spilled out

onto the street with curious creative types coming to see what the new

place was like and to show their support for what is sure to become a

Fort Lauderdale institution.

Inside the bar, old school hip-hop music set the tempo for the night as locals parlayed with old friends or

mingled with new ones. Laser Wolf plans to transform the Fort

Lauderdale art and music scene by featuring various local and national

artists and musicians, brought to you courtesy of its production

company which goes by the same name. Stop by this week to enjoy a

tasty draft, chilling in a relaxed atmosphere, and shouting "Laaaser Wolf"!  Decepticons down, Bottoms up!
Free Parking. Bring cash (credit cards will be accepted in the near future)!

Editor's note: One of the guys behind Laser Wolf is Pat Rothblatt, who should know what he's doing, as he spent months scoping out Happy Hours and writing about them for Clean Plate Charlie. Good luck, Pat! We'll miss you!

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Misha Grosvenor