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LaSpada's Hoagies Unseated in Zagat's Top Food Rankings

The end of the year means lists of all sorts, including Zagat's, the dinosaur of reader generated rankings.  Nice weather and a range of affordable dining options encourage South Floridians to eat out 3.4 times a week says the dinosaur, compared to Boston, where residents eat out 2.5 times a week, or New York, which is listed at 3 times a week. And here I thought New Yorkers eat out three times a day. 

In Broward, the dining scene is looking less lowbrow than last year, as La Brochette and Cafe Sharaku pull in as the top nomination for best food, dethroning last year's picks for Casa D'Angelo, and ....LaSpada's Hoagies. I'm guessing this is the only Zagat market in which a sandwich shop earned top nods. After the jump, the 2012 Zagat top food pics in Broward. Seems Zagat raters in this area like restaurants that have been around for a long, long time.

La Brochette Bistro in Pembroke Pines
The French spot in a Cooper City strip mall is "old fashioned" and "old world", having opened in 1993 and scoring New Times' "Best Neighborhood Restaurant" way back in 2000. The place scores 28 out of 30 in food, 19 in decor and 26 in service.

Cafe Sharaku in Fort Lauderdale

The 18 seat restaurant with sublime food has earned accolades for the French Japanese presented by Iwoa Kaita for years. Its Zagat food score is 28, decor is 25, and service is 25.

Canyon in Fort Lauderdale

Earning the best margarita award for multiple years, the southwest cafe that doesn't take reservations has been among our favorites. It's food score is 27, decor is 22, and service is a 23.

Casa d'Angelo in Fort Lauderdale
The Italian mainstay for over a decade, Casa d'Angelo earns 27 for its food, the original from Angelo Elia, who has since opened D'Angelo in Fort Lauderdale and Trattoria d'Angelo in Delray Beach this past month. The flagship is ranked at 22 for decor and 24 for service.

Eduardo de San Angel in Fort Lauderdale

Pulling in a 27 for food, 22 for decor, and 26 for service, Eduardo de San Angel was ranked by New Times as "Best Restaurant When Someone Else is Paying" in 2010 and "Best Mexican" way back in 2003.

Valentino's Cucina in Fort Lauderdale
The restaurant that owner Giovanni Rocchio was trying to sell this past summer pulls in a 27 for food, a 16 for decor, and a 25 for service. An average for dinner, a drink, and a tip is $71, the most expensive on this list .

Kitchenetta Trattoria in Fort Lauderdale

Ranking a 27 for food, 18 for decor, and 22 for service, this gregarious spot offers giant portions in a dining room that gets so loud New Times labels it "torturous."

Cafe Maxx in Pompano Beach

 Oliver Saucy and Darrel Broek carry the torch, ensuring the chestnut still gets accolades, with food ranked a 27, decor a 19, and service 24. It was ranked "Best Restaurant in North Broward" by New Times in 2007.

Thai Spice in Oakland Park

Ranked "Best Thai" by New Times back in 2005, the restaurant that's undergoing an expansion earns a 26 for food, 22 for decor, and 25 for service. At $38 as the per person average, it's among the least expensive restaurants on this list.

Sette Bello in Fort Lauderdale

The Italian restaurant that earned New Times 2010 "Best Service" award scored a 26 for food, 21 for decor, and 25 for service. It was also one of the favorites at this year's New Times Pairings.

What does Zagat leave out or overrate? Tell us in the comments.

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