"Last" Sriracha Packet Selling for $10,000 on Ebay

Sriracha fans may be in a bit of a panic these days after a California judge ordered a partial shutdown of the Huy Fong Foods factory in Irwindale, a small city in Los Angeles county, but how frantic are they?

Well, an Ebay seller is betting that someone in this world is psyched up enough to spend $10,000 on a packet of the hot sauce.

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Seller larryhagman has listed what he calls the "last packet of sriracha ever made". Just in case you're wondering if you should, indeed, bid on this artifact of humankind, there's no certificate of authenticity, no letter from the factory owner to back up the claim, and no pictures of this sad, little packet being the last to fall down a production chute. In fact, the only info we get on this packet of spicy goodness is this:

I know you're saying, "$10,000 for a pack of Sriracha? That's crazy!"

Well guess what, when the zombie apocalypse arrives and you're out of Sriracha, which are you gonna miss more -- Sriracha for that rodent you just cooked, or the $10,000?

Now, before you plunk down your credit card for that last bit of "rooster sauce", you should know that right now there's no shortage -- yet. In response to the judge's ruling, Huy Fong Foods e-mailed a statement to KPCC Radio in Southern California that simply said:

We are still open for operations, but if we are forced to stop production, there will be less 200,000 bottles a day of our product, and who would fill the market then - overseas imports ...

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Plus, the $10,000 for the packet (PACKET! Not even a bottle!) of hot sauce could get you about 200 six-packs of the condiment on Amazon.com (shipping included). We did the math on that for you and it's a much better value (and the perfect Christmas gift for 200 hot sauce lovers on your shopping list).

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