Lay's Limited-Edition Chocolate-Covered Chips: Get the Salty-Sweet While You Can

From sea salt chocolate to salty caramel -- salty-sweet is the new "it" flavor. And why not? It's amazing. It leaves no corner of the palate unpleased.

If you've ever wondered why peanut butter and chocolate taste so good together, salty-sweet is why.

If you have ever seen chocolate-covered bacon advertised and wondered what the hell these people were thinking, salty-sweet is your answer.

Though there's been a proliferation of prepackaged salty-sweet offerings over the past few years, anyone who knew the glory that is chocolate-covered potato chips had to content herself with DIY attempts -- until now.

Lay's Wavy Original Potato Chips Dipped in Milk Chocolate pairs "America's most-loved potato chip brand with delicious milk chocolate."

Wise chose to go with the sturdier wavy chip as opposed to the traditional flat chip -- better structural integrity and more salty crunch per bite. (We did mention something about DIY attempts, did we not?)

From the news release:

Lay's Wavy Original Potato Chips Dipped in Milk Chocolate deliver the crispy crunch of Lay's Wavy Original potato chips coated in milk chocolate, creating an enjoyable sweet and savory snacking experience.

The limited-edition snacks are now available only at Target stores and only through the holiday season. While that's mildly distressing, we predict that chocolate-covered potato chips will be the new PSL craze by next November.

The five-ounce bags will retail for $3.49. Stock up, because once the holidays are over, they'll be worth three times that much on the black snack market.

You can contact Rebecca Dittmar, Arts & Culture Editor/Food Blog Editor at rebecca.dittmar@browardpalmbeach.com.

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