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Le Macaron French Cafe: Still Cute, But Less Annoying Than Cupcakes

Macarons are the new cupcakes in case you hadn't yet made the switch. About a year ago, even nerdy NPR declared,  "Move over cupcakes: make way for macarons." Turns out -- so I learned from the comments in this blog post -- Fort Lauderdale just scored its very own macaron spot: Le Macaron French Cafe.

Le Macaron is the second shop for owners Daniel and Stephanie Blanc from the south of France, who debuted in Sarasota two years ago. It's truly a family affair, with the rest of the clan having just moved to the States this spring.

Le Macaron also sells gelato, pastries, chocolates, and coffee, as you'll see after the jump. 
But hold on, you say. What's so great about macarons?

1. They're less sweet than a cupcake.
Egg whites, sugar, food coloring, and almond flour make up the macaronade of the sandwich. The soft inside and semi-crunchy exterior of each half is only faintly sweet. Flavor is concentrated in the fillings, which range from jams to chocolate.

2. The flavors are interesting.
The classic pistachio is my favorite, though basil and white chocolate, or chocolate ginger seem delightful too. Forget about the bright green mint chocolate one. That's a travesty.

3. They're hard to make.
Unlike idiot-proof cupcakes, macarons aren't a cinch. "Mine look like blobs of toothpaste," said NPR macaron sherpa and amateur baker Amanda McClements. Sure, Francois Payard says they're easy in this ol' recipe from Food and Wine. What are the chances of finding almond flour in Fort Lauderdale?

4. They're not ubiquitous.
Macarons are a welcome respite from cupcakes simply because they're not tyrannical, holding us hostage to dipshit desserts. Maybe because they're French their cuteness is less annoying.

5. They haven't been infected with bacon frosting.
It's only a matter of time before macarons are layered with bacon and foie gras jam. Please don't tell me if and when you see it.

Macarons here run $1.95 apiece; $19 for a box of ten; and $55.50 for a box of 30. Correct me if I'm wrong -- I do believe they're gluten-free.

Le Macaron French Cafe
1912 Cordova Road

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