Le Tub Artist Paints His Way Out of the Recession

Le Tub may make a damned fine char-grilled burger, but the place has never been known for looking well kept. But lately, Le Tub has gotten a bit of a makeover, with new murals and even a fresh coat on the antique bathtubs.

The art is the work of Chuck Johnson, who lives at the St. Maurice Inn across the street. Johnson got laid off from his job as a security guard three years ago and lost his condo and car. He turned to painting to pay the

bills and now has landed a few choice jobs along A1A in Hollywood.

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work at Le Tub includes a mural on the south side of the building

that's based on his wife, Jodi Tyson-Johnson. Along with Le Tub, Johnson

has painted murals at Joe's Tiki Bar and at Hollywood Grill, an Armenian restaurant on the Broadwalk.

He says he doesn't ask for much in the way of pay. "I don't charge a lot," he says. "I just look for a working man's wage."


then Johnson has never been one to worry much -- he's got an undying

cheery outlook on things, despite all that has gone wrong for him the past few years.

"Don't let anything get you down," he says. "You can always paint your way out of it."

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