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Let's Own Up and Support Our Ocean at Tortuga Festival!

Tortuga Festival is not only a great place to get great food, have a few drinks, and party with some friends while listening to amazing music, but it is also for a good cause. The founder, Rock the Ocean Foundation aims to raise money to save our oceans. Yesterday was an amazing turnout with what ended up being great weather.

Today you can pay one price and see 12 concerts! Big names coming through such as Grace Potter, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Avett Brothers, Sister Hazel, Eric Church, and more. I love the diversity of the music combining different genres, from country to jam band to bluegrass to reggae, there is something for everyone. What's also cool about festivals is you get cross performances where another artist will jump on stage and sing with other bands. Yesterday, I saw Donovan Frankenreiter get onstage with G. Love and then again with Ben Harper.

Rock the Ocean

The main objective of Rock the Ocean is to let people know about all the harmful things we are doing to kill and pollute our oceans, while at the same time raise money to support scientific research, education and conservation. They do all this through great benefit concerts, brand partnerships, other industry entertainment events. What a great cause that I think the people of Florida especially need to take note of and support. Think about it guys, we are at sea level and everything we do on land ultimately ends up in the ocean. We do not have very strict rules about pesticides and other farming petrochemicals therefore they are polluting our oceans. It takes a lot of chemicals to keep such a large monoculture alive and aesthetically pleasing. We love to play golf right on the beach here, and rightly so, it is beautiful backdrop, but golf courses are one of the biggest culprits in polluting. I read that Florida is the golf course capitol of the world with over 1500 golf courses. We must support Rock the Ocean!

Come on, get off your butt, come have a good time, and support a great cause. If you cannot make it please go to Rock the Oceans website at rocktheocean.com and make a donation.

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