​In the event you're nesting out of empathy for those hunkered down during and post-hurricane, Bon Appetit, pulled together a list of ten things to cook during the storm. Could come in handy down here sometime soon. Canned tuna, boiled eggs and roasted garlic make the list. I was hoping for something a little more decadent and sensual. 

Link Roundup: Bloody Mary Poptails, Peppers Up Your Nose, and an Oyster Bar to Arrive in Lauderdale

Endless Simmer has

me wistful for heirloom tomatoes with this recipe for bloody mary poptails, just in time for brunch if you're into that kind of thing. 

Rather than eating hot peppers to clear out the sinuses, apparently it's safe and effective to stick them up your nose. Or the capsaicin, anyway. Check out the results of the findings from researchers at University of Cincinnati here

When it comes to oysters, I tend to stick to the rule of feasting on bi-valves in months that end in 'r, despite that it's old-fashioned. September, thankfully, means oysters. This article from the San Francisco Chronicle about pounding your way through dozens of oysters has piqued my appetite. So has a heads up from the owners of Coconuts that they're in the process of opening up an oyster bar in Fort Lauderdale in 2012. 

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