Liquor at the Wine & Food Festival

The South Beach Food & Wine Festival offered more than cheese trays and grape juice. What are we talkin' 'bout? Booze, glorious booze, and there was plenty of it. I saw brandy, absinthe, vodka, tequila... it was like that scene in The Warriors where every gang in the city shows up for the big meeting, except with liquor companies, on South Beach, and nobody got shot. Awesome. I got two videos to give you an idea of the liquored-up vibe in the place.

It's no wonder that events took a lowbrow turn this year (see Batali cursing out Spanish royalty and Paula Deen mooning Miami) everybody was drunk. Matter fact, wasted might be a better word, damn near everybody was wasted, not in a bad way, just 3 sheets to the wind, tore up from the floor up, sloshed, smashed, obliterated, belligerent, South Beach Great Gatsby everything is going to shit but let's have a good time anyway style oceanside partying. Don't drink and drive.


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