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Living Room Theaters Boca Raton Needs Work, but It's Already the Best Movie Food Around

There's something that feels foreign about the lobby/restaurant at the new Living Room Theaters in Boca Raton. The sparse tables and chairs look straight from Ikea, and the minimalist touches feel like the designer used to work at Volvo. And it all works -- this is South Florida's new home for indie and foreign flicks after all.

The system for ordering at Florida Atlantic University's theater is also completely foreign, and here, unfortunately, it possesses no Swedish ingenuity. Next to the one-man

box office window is a restaurant cash register, where you may wait in

line to learn that it's just for ordering food in the theater.


you decide instead to sit in the restaurant, you'll be at the mercy of a

couple servers rarely patrolling the place. But if you go for eating in

the theaters instead -- and why wouldn't you? -- you'll be given a

number on a stick that you bring with you to your seat.


the seats are the nicest around (take that, Muvico). Big leather

captain's chairs feature a console area on one side with a pair of

cupholders. It's stadium-style seats, so the views in the small theaters

are fantastic.

The food comes quickly. Only one person in our

theater waited into the previews. And it comes in style -- in lap-sized,

white plastic containers that look like huge bento boxes. The menu

largely consists of tapas, and if you've ordered a few items, you'll be

juggling those boxes a bit. My wife and I split four small- to

medium-sized items, and we clunked around our boxes through the

previews, hoping to be done with our Leggo-like plates before the movie


As for the food, it's better than you'd probably make at

home, maybe worse than you'd do at Mizner Park nearby, and certainly a

vast improvement over any other food-serving South Florida theater.


wine and beer menu includes a fine selection of the cheap and the

moderately priced. Our bottle of Erath pinot noir ($38) came with a set

of real, stemless glasses -- a nice touch for a cinema.

The $7 mezza

plate includes a well-spiced hummus, a too-salty baba ganouch, and a

fresh tabouli. Eat the pita bread quick before it hardens to nearly


The $8 Spanish tortilla comes sliced tartine-style, with

exposed layers of egg, potato, and ham. It's a bit spongy -- likely from

the reheating in the microwave -- but a fine tapas dish while catching

a movie. The salsa on the side gives the otherwise simple plate a nice


If the $8 caprese is any indication, the paninis may be the

best bet here. The ciabatta comes well toasted, the mozzarella melting

into the red peppers and basil. We went with the balsamic dressing (yes,

they ask for a dressing choice when you order it), and it soaked in

nicely to the porous bread.

The only real disappointment in our

boxes was the $7 crème brûlée. It's described on the menu as "seasonal,"

but apparently we're in a very simple season. It came with no fruit or

chocolate or flavor to suggest it was anything but custard. And it also

had no crusty, carmelized sugar top, which is one of those things that

you're just supposed to do if you're calling it crème brûlée.


the torch was broken that night. Maybe the manager was off, considering

nobody noticed us in the dining room for a half-hour, even after we

asked. And maybe they'll figure out the very odd ordering process.

But even if all of that never works, The Living Room is still the best movie house/restaurant around.

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