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Local Roaster Oceana Coffee Opens in Tequesta

Oceana Coffee debuted last week in Tequesta, one of the only local roasters in the area. It's the brick-and-mortar result of three years of work for Amy and Scott Angelo, who spent time tasting beans, learning sourcing, experimenting with roasters, and building the cash to start the shop.

The couple met several years ago, when Amy was a teacher in Lauderdale and Scott, an Australian, worked on yachts. Amy eventually quit her job to join him in

yacht work, which led to several years of travel

including a number of them in Brisbane, Australia, where they found the quality of coffee that

set the bar. Upon returning to the States, they ordered raw beans and

roasted coffee in a souped-up popcorn popper in an effort to find coffee

that tasted as delicious as Australian brews. The couple knew they wanted to roast their own beans to control the freshness and shape the flavor of beans they'd sampled from around the world.

The Angelos settled on Royal Coffee New York Inc. as an importer, from whom

they're buying mild, bright beans from Guatemala and Panama; a tannic,

earthy brew from Timor; and the coveted Yirgacheffe coffee from

Ethiopia; among others.

The shop is open daily from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., with pastries and breakfast

fare available. Oceana coffee is also sold at Marando Farms, on Sundays at

8 a.m. at the Palm Beach Gardens greenmarket, and online.

Oceana Coffee, 221 Old Dixie Highway, Tequesta. Call 561-401-2453.

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