Lucille Ball Turns 100 -- Her Five Craziest Food Clips

I Love Lucy is one of the most beloved television shows in history. Each week for six years from 1951 through 1957, life practically stopped as American families hunkered around their living room television sets to see what that crazy redhead and her wacky band of sidekicks, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel got themselves into.

Though everyone has their favorite Lucy episodes, the funniest ones are the ones that are food-related. That's really no surprise, because Lucille Ball was never better than when she got into a food fight -- be it in Italy with wine grapes or back in America with chocolate.

To celebrate Lucille Ball's 100th birthday, we bring you Lucy's five craziest food-related clips:

5. Lucy makes dinner on a schedule - In this clip, (long before women's rights), Ricky puts Lucy on a household chore schedule. Lucy gets back at him during a very important dinner party.

4. Lucy makes chicken with rice

- When Ricky's mother comes to visit from Cuba, Lucy tries to impress her by making arroz con pollo. But there's a language (and culture) gap.

3. Lucy makes wine

- When the gang goes to Italy, Lucy tries her hand at stomping grapes. After having a little too much fun, she gets schooled by a local... and ends up in a classic food fight.

2. Lucy and Ethel make chocolate

- Lucy and Ethel decide to get jobs, but they're unqualified to do practically anything... including make chocolate.

1. Lucy sells Vitameatavegamin

-  Lucy gets a shot at a live television commercial, selling vitamin tonic. The only problem is that it's basically booze in a bottle. Too bad it's not available - we'd buy a case.

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