Luna Sueño Añejo: One Smooth-Sipping Tequila

The bottle that holds Luna Sueño Tequila Añejo is hand-blown, with little imperfections along the edges, air bubbles floating in the clear glass, and a cork topped with a glass crescent moon. You have to figure what's inside is damned good.

And it is. It's also part of New Times Pairings event, which will be held a week from today at the Broward Center. The folks at Artisan Brands, which is furnishing some of the drinks for the event, dropped off a bottle of the Luna Sueño as a taste of what's coming next Thursday.

The tequila inside that pretty bottle is the brainchild of Miami Beach resident Steven Lustig. According to the company, Lustig starts with estate-grown agave that's distilled four times. It's aged for 18 months in white oak barrels. The oak is credited with imparting the spicy and floral notes in the tequila.

But it's the "cuadruple destilado" that makes it a good sipping tequila. Actually, the stuff washes down Al Green smooth. Skip the salt shaker and lime slices here -- this is good straight up or, if you must, with a simple chunk of ice.

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