Tikis and rum at Mai-Kai.
Tikis and rum at Mai-Kai.
Laine Doss

Mai-Kai Hosts Premium Rum Tasting

Is there any better way to take an instant vacation than with a rum drink?

The spirit of choice for both pirates and poets, rum can instantly evoke visions of lush tropical islands and palm trees swaying in the breeze.

One of the most versatile spirits in the world, rum runs the gamut of taste, potency, and mixability. 

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From clear and bright rums that are mixable to amber-hued varieties that rival the best whiskeys for complex notes and sippability (best enjoyed on a wicker chair facing the ocean as the sun sets over your yacht) -- there's a rum for every occasion and every palate.

If you're a seasoned rum enthusiast or just an amateur "rummy," there

are no better people to drink rum with than the Burrs. The father-and-son team (both named Robert -- which makes remembering their names after

drinking a few cocktails that much easier) are the brains behind the

annual Rum Renaissance Festival in Miami Beach and have written a rum-tasting guide.

They're hosting a premium rum-tasting event on September 27 at Mai-Kai.

From 7 to 9 p.m., you'll be walked through a selection of tropical

drinks and top-shelf rums, which will allow you to experience the

versatility of the spirit of the islands.

For $20 in advance, $25

at the door, you'll sample two premium rums, Fortuna 8 from Nicaragua

and Dos Maderas PC 5+5, a well-traveled rum that begins life in the

Caribbean, then moves to Spain to be finished in sherry casks. In

addition, you'll enjoy some of Mai-Kai's famous Tiki drinks at the

vintage Molokai bar.

The rum tasting is limited to 40 guests. Purchase tickets here.


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