Mai-Kai Vintage Chairs for Sale (Hukilau Peeps & Tikiphiles, Take Note!)

You already know that the legendary Mai-Kai Polynesian Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale is the place to go when you want to get sloshed on exotic concoctions, watch a fire dancer, or entertain out-of-towners. Well, it's also the place to decorate your apartment! 

The landmark venue has been trying to sell off some vintage, tiki-inspired chairs since about a year ago, when the general manager decided it was time to upgrade.

Pia Dahlquist, director of sales & marketing -- who has been at the Mai-Kai for 20 years and whose favorite pick from the famous cocktail menu is the Mutiny -- says that

she hopes to make some sales this weekend, when tourists flock to town for the annual tiki convention the Hukilau.

The chairs cost $40 to $105 (a bargain, considering that a menu alone is going for $79.99 on eBay!) and there are plenty left, says Dahlquist. "The problem is that they're a little but costly to ship, although I have found a great shipper."  Interested parties should call 954-563-3272. 

Round out your decorations with some trinkets from the gift shop.

More details about the chairs are here.

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